The House “ Maison YOULOU”

Maison YOULOU is the result of an encounter between Youwen Xiong and Luc Jimenez , both endowed with an extensive and rich experience in the World of Fashion. Through various Projects in common, in the womb of their Parisian workroom & Design-office , and both of them concerned with sustainability and fair trade; hence the emerging willing to develop their own clothing and accessories line-accordingly, has been an obvious purpose. Their professional supplementary and their sensitivity have naturally led them to imagine some creative projects as well as functional and sensible ones , devoted to an appealing timeless Fashion.

The House of “ Maison YOULOU “ garment is structured within an essential and ageless understated luxury wardrobe of refined and comfortable shapes, with a particular focus onto details and crafted finishes. Thus , “Maison YOULOU “ aims a knowledgeable clientele in bounds to certain values : environmentally-conscious , who would be gratefully appreciative of expertise and also requiring high quality grade.

For this initial experiment, the concept of YOULOU ‘s collection has been focused on knitting and particularly on a stunning smooth fibre with silky aspects , and provided with outstanding virtues : Camel wool.

The garments are conceived and designed for an assertive and womanly figure , suggesting a together sporty-urban combination fitted to any daily outlooks , as well as within a comforting warmth for actual home wearing figures.
In order to extend this approach, a dedicated home series offers varying subtle & cosy plaids along with matching cushions ; regaining the pleasure and the softness of this material every time of the day.

The Cultural wealth of a rare quality

Located in Western China is the Kounas Region, where lives this kind of Camel . Since centuries, it has been confronted by a harshly variable climate and has produced an exceptionally supple, silky pelt of high density coating.

It is around Spring ending , during moult shedding time, over the period in which the Camel Hair is traditionally and craftily recovered with respect to the animals by local producers ( Animals Cruelty Free / Fair Trading ); It even occurs that scattered Hair fibbers in the wilderness are hand retrieved by the latter.

The Colour of the nature

Longest fibbers yarns are exclusively selected , cleansed and treated with care so as to preserve ; the original Camel colour is favoured and provides , in all subtlety , these several beige hues, from off-white to brown .

An exceptional fibre

The nobility of its origins, a localised and measured production imbues a “Premium“ quality. (Sustainable and Sole Sourcing). This silky soft fibre offers a unique feel and a great smoothness -close to the cashmere one- , of natural shades , timeless and subtle, for an outstanding comfort.